Friday, July 2, 2010


I want to apologize for not getting back to with an update about the book. I know it got a lot of interest - but I've had some distraction.

I will still read the book, mind you.

Two things.

1. I've taken up sewing
- Which is really pretty fun. It makes me feel powerful. I can create something useful, and sexy. I thought it would be hard, and it was intimidating to learn to use the sewing machine - but I've altered one of my boyfriend's oversized t-shirts into a tight dress that turns him on.

2. For a while I was eating really healthy. 1800 calories a day, and not that much fatty stuff. It's a lot of calories, really - but I wasn't f*cking up. I was really proud of myself. Fruit, whole grain, the right kinds of things. Then I had a 2500 calorie day and I was wracked with self-loathing again. It's a weird cycle...

Speaking of diet I don't know what my weight is. I've been avoiding the scale. Maybe this is a good thing. It's partly because I'm on my period and I don't want to depress myself with water weight.

Anyways, I *will* get back to the book. I will read and comment on blogs.

Love you girls.

GiannyL <- I've been having fun with sewing stuff from this site. She's super creative, and honestly she's totally thinspo too.

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