Saturday, January 14, 2012

Last Year's Resolutions, new Resolutions?

Get a Job <- Yes!

Cut my hair <- Nope...

Be more open towards my boyfriend's friends (why not?) <- I got drunk at the New Year's Party. I guess that's a yes?

Try not to scare off strangers who might be my friends <- I've been doing okay at not being scary, I think.

I will be in bed by 3AM on school days (yes, that's an improvement) <- Not really

Be 120lbs (or less - underweight starts at <118) <- ...pass

Get a social hobby.
->by that I mean something that involves a club or group or talking to people regularly
Learn a skill - may likely be combined with the previous resolution.

<- I do go to a sort of club once a week to chit-chat. Always with my boyfriend. I don't think I would go alone, but I do enjoy it.

Now... What about this year? Honestly I haven't put a ton of thought into my resolutions this year. I have no motivation.

A few things I do know...

I'd like to move in with my boyfriend

Graduate college

Get a better job than I have

TRY again with my weight. Do SOMETHING

It sounds so stupid, I know. I'm not trying. The retail job is helping, but it leaves me too tired for constructive exercise at the end of the day. It leaves my feet sore. It robs me of sleep. It's not going to be the right thing for me in the long run.

I haven't really told you much about the job... I didn't tell you when I got it. I started Black Friday. It was going to be seasonal work, but they hired me. It's part time and minimum wage - I'm spending the money as fast as I'm spending it. The commute takes like an hour or more, because of buses and wait time. It's really not the best thing for me - even if it's active and the people are nice.

Bah. I've got to go.