Friday, February 25, 2011

Sparkling water and borrowed tips

I've been gone a long time and I feel like I owe you an explanation.

I can blame school, yes. I'm busy a lot.

I'm also ashamed of how I've been eating.

I haven't gained an exorbitant amount of weight. Probably 5 pounds. I'm afraid to step on a scale and I've been eating a lot. My clothes still fit fine. I'm also retaining water right now. Excuses, though. I should be 120lbs, not 130+. I don't know what I weigh. I want to weigh in on a day I'm proud of myself.

I also came across THIS the other day. The site is very lifestyle Ana, yes... but it made me feel so much more motivated. I think the most motivating for me was #5. Which is shameful, yes - but I'm quite insecure around my boyfriend and really do scrutinize other women when we're together.

One thing I want to do more of is drinking sparkling water.
A store in walking distance sells 34oz bottles of sparkling water for 65 cents, and at convenience stores that are massively overpriced, they seem to consistently be a dollar.
So there's a lot of good here.
1. No calories
2. No aspartame
3. No sodium
4. They have flavor
5. They're bubbly.
6. They're cheaper
7. You get more of it
8. I can get my caffeine elsewhere.
9. Actually counts as water intake
10. After you finish you've got a great big water bottle (I love that)

-I have caffeine pills and I can still get my boost without 1. having it with every meal and 2. getting all the aspartame and sugar assumed to go with it.

And yes, I do think sparkling water is somewhat filling. It's on that list of tips, too, actually (#98). My personal discovery of it comes before my discovery of the list, though. I've had an on and off love affair with sparkling water since I was a kid, but seeing the prices at the store recently rekindled that romance.

Anyway, I hope you're well. I'm sorry I haven't been posting or commenting. I'll try to catch up this weekend.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Skinny Bitch

Does anyone have a digital copy of Skinny Bitch? A PDF would be fine, and anything the kindle might read because I might have access to one soon.

you can email it to me at

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have something tucked away for a rainy day which I'll probably whip out soon.