Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011

Borrowing a few from last year's, I'm determined to do the following.

Get a Job
Cut my hair
Be more open towards my boyfriend's friends (why not?)
Try not to scare off strangers who might be my friends
I will be in bed by 3AM on school days (yes, that's an improvement)
Be 120lbs (or less - underweight starts at <118)
Get a social hobby.
->by that I mean something that involves a club or group or talking to people regularly
Learn a skill - may likely be combined with the previous resolution.
->ie: sewing, knitting, grooming pets, baking, massage, lol - anything really. Driving might be a good one, if I had any use for it.


  1. OMG 3 a.m. on school days haha! You must be very tired very often.

    A social hobby sounds like an excellent idea. I should join something, too.

  2. Oh wow awesomeness (:

    Oh skill I'd recommend Knit or crochet I love love love doing them