Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! Timely tip-

I'm PMSing right now, and I realized something

Though I do crave sweets, I don't crave chocolate as much as I usually do.

I think it's got something to do with my cocoabutter obsession right now.

I didn't used to like the smell, but now I find it soothing - and it does sort of smell like chocolate all the time, so I guess more of that desire is satisfied.

Plus, the Palmer's stuff is something I can find at all the cheap stores, and it works amazing.

I've got this skin treatment oil stuff, as a cheap substitute for the vitamin E oil I was using for a long time - I prefer the Palmer's stuff. I also have this swivel stick, which is good for when my powder dries up my skin or when I get an itchy dry spot somewhere. I ordered this spray moisturizer stuff online - oh, I should mention - serendipity - I was looking for spray moisturizer, of any sort. When I found it, it was Palmer's brand.

I sound like an ad. I hate that, but it's cheap and it's good. Other brands might be just as good, but this is so easy to find.

Anyway, I thought it might help you cope with whatever Easter candy ends up floating around your house.

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