Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Losing weight is like reading a book. Once you get into it, you don't really notice what's happening... Then after a while, you look at your progress - and there's a huge difference made from when you started.

It's rewarding when you realize it's day 1 and you're 1/3 through the book. Weight loss doesn't happen that quickly, but normally so many pages is a long time from the perspective of the characters.

Just a thought. I'm reading a book - and it's actually absorbed me. I might share it with you. If it's too sad, I also might not.

None the less, it's quite nice to have that thought in my head.

I've put that figurative book down so many times because I've been discouraged. I guess in a book, you can't go backwards like I have. But if I turn some pages, I can make a difference again.

Am I taking my little metaphor too far?

<3 I'm feeling a bit more motivated. I ought to give myself blog deadlines again...


  1. I really liked this analogy. It's so fitting.

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