Saturday, December 24, 2011

My parents do not protect me

Figured I owed it to you to let you know I haven't wasted away into nothingness.

A little ridiculous to think, actually. I'm quite fat right now. I'm under 140, my doom-line...but I'm close.

My boyfriend is going away for a week or so, I'm going to try to lose a few pounds.

Things are a little hellish right now.

I'm impoverished. My parents are bringing the violent retarded alcoholic over for Christmas and I'm leaving the house.

Apparently, it "has no place to go."

Bull. Shit.

But I won't get into a rant about that, because I'll go into freakout mode and cry over how much my parents don't fucking care whether or not I feel safe in my own home.

I have to leave. At least I have someplace warm to go, and I don't have to spend all night looking for a place I can walk around in for nine hours on Christmas day.

and I'll have a cat to play with.

Despite the fact that my poor defenseless dogs are going to be locked in the house with a repulsive sack of shit for like NINE HOURS.

And of course my parents will refuse to bathe them.

And I won't be able to eat anything from my fridge for a long time again, because it will be dirty.

I think I figured out why I'm so fucking pathetic.

It's learned helplessness. No matter what I do, bullshit keeps piling up. There's no money, there hasn't always been someplace to go, and there isn't always a place to go, either.

My parents do not protect me.

Gah. Off to home to pack up a few things and hide others before the filthy creature gets there.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear this has been the situation for you - Christmas is often a shitty time for families - I hope you've managed to find a little bit of happiness.
    Regarding your post - two posts back, I hope you do find the path into the career you want - I don't know what qualifications you need in the US - but it would be great to have someone like you working in that sphere, I think it's will be valuable to many people one day
    love Ophelia xx