Tuesday, July 28, 2009

...scary night.

I'll thank everyone for the last entry's comments in my next blog - but tonight requires it's own entry

My boyfriend was assaulted at the subway station today, by some too-aggressive guy asking for fifty cents. My beau said no. Vehemently. I'm kind of mad at him for what an aggressive response he gave to some psycho... there were some exchanges. The guy shoved my boyfriend. My boyfriend didn't back down. Things started getting too much, I called 911.

I should mention that the guy asking for fifty cents was pretty clearly being aggressive. He kept walking into the comfort zone, and he asked me first. Even though I kind of told him my beau wouldn't give him $0.50. This guy was clearly looking for a fight...I suspect he was going for the stereotypical "I'll attack you when you're reaching for your wallet" kind of thing. I've never seen it, most of the people who ask for change are legitimately pathetic rather than psycho...

I tried to talk the situation down, too... "Please, be nice..." "There's no need for this" I got the impression this guy would rather hit my boyfriend than me. I don't remember what else I said... I stepped in between them at some point trying to separate them, my beau pushed me to the side. That's when I called 911 and the guy shoved my boyfriend.

I stayed on the phone as long as I could... I got on my bus. Getting on the bus was probably not that great an idea - I just wanted to get home. I should have stayed with my beau. It was... adrenaline I guess that made me do it. I should mention by now that the guy that assaulted my boyfriend had gone off in the other direction.

I got on the bus. My beau called me after he talked to the police. When he called he was in the police car and they'd found the guy that attacked my beau at a nearby gas station. I guess he just wanted to get off the street. It probably took just a couple minutes. My beau brought up a new issue - that there was a guy that the assaulter had been speaking to before hand who got on the bus with me.

I have no doubt that he intended to get on that bus before hand, seeing as they were both waiting at the bus stop. On the phone my beau said to get off only after the friend got off, in case I was being followed. I passed my stop and the guy still hadn't gotten off. As we neared the end of the route I got up and talked to the bus driver. Perhaps after seeing that the guy got off; it's possible that he was really going to this destination... he headed off in a different direction that the bus had come from or was going. That's something. I got on a different bus going back to my stop in the other direction when we got the end of the route.

My beau was on the phone with me from the police station. I didn't see any sign of the guy on the way back, so I got off at my stop.

I went home.

Had to tell my mom about it. Didn't lie, but downplayed everything because I don't want to worry her too much...

It really wouldn't have been so bad if I weren't so damn caffeinated. Too much diet pop. Too much mocha...expresso...shake...it made me sick. I probably wouldn't be trembling so much if it weren't for this.

My beau? He's fine. He's not even shaken anymore. I'm terrified.. I don't want to ever run into that guy again. That's my regular bus... I'm recognizable. No one's as pale as me. My acne? At my age? I'm scared...

Maybe my purple jeans are bad luck. I might even be scared to wear them again.

Yeah...yeah...bad night. Scared for my beau's life, then scared for mine.

I got that...too caffeinated kind of... "I'm too young to worry about my heart" kind of feeling. If nothing had happened it probably would have been fine, but I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I hate that helpless victim feeling.

But yeah, my boyfriend isn't shaken. He's sorry he returned the aggressive language now. He was worried about me.

He said he's been beat up much worse when he was less emotionally developed. He's a nerd. He's not afraid of bullies. which sometimes seems stupid. Like tonight. He actually seemed in kind of a good mood..but yeah, like I said, he's worried about me now.

I'm calming down now... I'm going to drink a ton of water and try to get the caffeine out of my system so I can finally sleep at some point.

I'm going to be scared of my bus for a while.

At least the 11:19 outbound...


  1. I would say it was not caffeine that is making you shaky and sick.
    It is the adrenaline surge.
    Fight or flight. I know that when I used to get into fights that I would have that feeling for a good hour or so after the fight was over. (I used to be a very aggressive angry girl.. thanks anger management! lol) You will be okay, I promise :D

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