Monday, January 25, 2010

Friendship may control kids’ eating

Given the way my obsession lies, it's weird for me to read about this.

Friendship may control kids’ eating

The study was on the effect of social interaction with other children on eating patterns.

It makes me think on several levels. On one hand, it's surreal to see a study done on deterring a child's eating from my perspective. It seems wrong, but at the same time - I acknowledge that it's a legitimate concern, it just seems alien.

It also makes me think about my own adolescence, and where I turned to food out of boredom, and a need for comfort. It makes sense, in a way. I mean, besides the fact that my family is big on eating (I learned some very bad portion habits from my father), I've also been a pretty solitary person since early adolescence, and since I became a pretty chubby kid...I wonder if there was a connection.

My love-hate relationship with food is a really important one in my life.

Maybe if I had more relationships I wouldn't be so engaged with this one?


  1. interesting article, but I'm undecided if it applies at all to the eating disordered

  2. Fascinating. I too ate a lot as a child out of boredom. I did have friends and extracurricular activities but on the days I wasn't involved with something I would just go home after school and basically eat non-stop.

    I definitely think this is part of my problem now as an adult. I moved to this area a few years ago and never really made any friends. I admit that a lot of my eating and drinking excesses are due to boredom and loneliness.

    Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing. :)