Thursday, March 17, 2011

Small update

Happy St. Patrick's day! :]

I tried some Green Tea pills. They did awful things to my stomach.

I read up some side-effects of fat-blockers, and they made sense - however, these pills weren't marketed as fat blockers, and were fairly cheap. It worries me a bit. I suspect they might have had some odd reaction with the fish oil I take.

I also wonder if maybe there was something wrong with the supplements? but that's paranoid.

Anyway. It ruined a chunk of my spring break. Feeling better, now - not back to 100% yet.

Today should also be exciting :] lots of walking around, even though I won't be likely to get any "party"-like things done. Bah. I probably never will. A few days ago, my friend and I wandered around aimlessly down town to find everything was closed. Mark of inexperience, I guess.

Have a lucky day! :P

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