Sunday, March 20, 2011

A tale of failure.

My waist is 27 inches.

I haven't been willing to step on the scale again, yet. I've been too scared. With almost a full 2 inches to my waistline, who could blame me?

I must seem so stupid and lacking in self control. I guess I always have been. Pretty disgusting, really.

I've been eating a lot at night. Have I said that before? I'm doing it again. Worse than ever, during break. I think the lack of order in my life is really throwing me off.

The other day I got to walk around for hours and hours with my friend and my boyfriend's friend's family. Quite a day, I was completely wiped out afterwards. It was gorgeous and sunny and I took one hell of a nap the next day. I must have burned hundreds of calories, I'm happy to say. Though again, I ruined it the next day.

I also think I eat a lot the day after I take a sleeping pill, n a semi-related note. Like I'm trying to fuel myself, when the damn pill doesn't wear off completely for like 18 hours. For me at least. I have low tolerances for even over-the-counter pharmaceuticals because I very rarely take them.


  1. Hey you got a blogger award ^_^ Check my blog for details <3

  2. you have a low tolerance for pharmaceuticals because your body doesn't have the necessary energy from food and other nutrients needed to properly metabolize the pills at a proper rate.

    at least be honest with yourself.