Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Enjoyable things that aren't Eating

I'm not one of those girls who lives for the feeling of my stomach being empty.

So here are a few things I sincerely enjoy that [mostly] indirectly result in exercise or not eating out of boredom.

1. Walking at night with my boyfriend.
-It's extremely pleasant when the weather is nice. I find it super bonding, and even when we're not saying anything and just walking side by side, it's so comforting to be with him. Plus, it's exercise you can forget is exercise.

2. Wearing perfume
-Like I said in my last entry, I think it offsets appetite. Plus, it makes me feel beautiful.

3. Playing with my hair
-I can kill a lot of time playing with my hair, especially if I have a camera. Hilarity ensues.

4. Watching YouTube
-I can kill so many hours on youtube if I have a good enough computer. With a movie, I might be tempted to pause it and get food, but with youtube it's a series of short videos that hold your attention

5. Reading
-I don't do enough of this, but reading can envelope you in a world that's not your own. You feel personally involved because everything is as your mind paints it, and you move the story along by turning the page.

6. Pacing, or dancing
-I pace at night, sometimes dance. I just put on my headphones and I'm occupied for a couple hours.

7. Sleeping
-If you can sleep, you should sleep.

8. Drawing
-I used to do this a lot. I started feeling discouraged and like I never had time for it. I remember though, my best drawings would have my rapt attention for like 3 hours

9. Making movies on your computer
-Editing together videos from short nubs of camera phone clips can be fun. If your anything like me you've got numerous 30 second clips of adorable animals on your camera phone. No cat goes un-filmed. lol. However, slide-shows can be fun too. Thinspo videos?

10. Playing video games.
-[One of my favorite games] You can totally cheat at this game... In fact it's kind of cheating to play the fullscreen .swf version I'm sending you. ^_^ but it's more fun to fly and bounce and play than to make it on day one.

11. Online Shopping.
-I don't recommend it. Nope. Click. This is so bad. Click. Gosh that's cute. Add to basket. Damnit. I shouldn't be doing this. Click. Do I really need all this perfume...? Yes. Yes I do. Amazon makes it nicer because you can make a wishlist to stare at forever. e.l.f saves your basket for 30 days. They're also constantly having sales. This is a habit I need to break, but I love to stare at pretty-shiny-new.

12. Dressing up
-Put on your cutest dress, do your make-up, spray on something feminine. Have a pretty-day. <3

13. Floss, mouthwash, brushing your teeth.
-Is it weird that I consider this fun? It feels so clean and fresh. This will also deter eating, I think. That's what the tip-lists say.

14. Lay in the sun
-The sun puts me to sleep. It makes me feel drowsy and comfy. If I knew I wouldn't burn, I'd sleep out in the yard. Unfortunately, though - I have to be very conscious of how much time I spend in the sun because I'm a redhead.

15. Writing in a journal
-I'm more conscious of what I'm writing about when I write in my blog. In my journal I can write 15 pages of naturally flowing thoughts, and I think it's extremely good for me.

16. Exercising when you feel like exercising
-On that day when you know you have a ton of energy. When you know you're going to feel amazing after a workout. When the thought of running makes you happy, and you don't *have* to do it.

17. Just sitting outside.
-When the inside gets dark and depressing and stifling, I can just sit outside where it's fresh and bright. It's usually like a whole different world. It's not necessarily quiet, but so long as no one is talking to me - it's close enough.

18. Facebook stalking your friends
-Or enemies. Or strangers. Or every one of the girls on your boyfriend's friend list. You know, whatever. lol ^_^

19. Play a prank the victim can't really be very mad about
-Owe someone money? Pay them back in pennies. Devise some elaborate plot to do a good deed in a way that maximizes your sense of enjoyment.

20. Make a list of things that make you happy.
-My mood? Quite lifted ^_^ Plus, you can come back to it later. Make it in the physical world, into something pretty and durable.


  1. This is a great list. I love lists. Mind if I "steal" this idea for my blog?

  2. I love this post <3 One thing I'd like to add to it...listening to music and making bracelets. I did last night and it took me like an hour or two to make a bracelet and I didn't even notice cause I just just sitting there, texting friends, and making my bracelet =D

  3. I love this list. What a great idea.

    I think it's good to focus on other things that make you happy in order to realize that you don't always need food. That was one of the hardest things for me to overcome, and I still struggle with it. But knowing that there are other outlets for comfort, entertainment, enjoyment, is helpful when all you want to do is stand in front of the fridge and gawk and think about food.