Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Glycemic Index anyone?

I've been super interested in the Glycemic index lately.  It feels like everyone knew about it before I did.

To me, a calorie has just been a calorie.  I knew some things will keep you full longer, but... I guess I never really thought about it any deeper than that.

When I am doing well, I really do eat more fiber and protein.  So not knowing this probably hasn't affected me on a grand scale... None the less, since watching that video I posted a while back, I've been thinking about how often I give in to sweet cravings.  It didn't occur to me that it's not even sugar that my body wants.  It could be anything - if I eat something, the sugar cravings will go away.

and I'm sure I'll be better off.

Do any of you have some information about the Glycemic index I might not know?  I'm pretty new to all this.

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