Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanks and thinspo

Firstly I want to thank Mango, What if summer..., Lardy Laur and Libbybee for their support on my last post.

I don't know what to say, really...

I'm at my boyfriend's mother's house petsitting while they're visiting family

She's got an exercise bike, and I spent about an hour working out yesterday. Did that for 45 minutes, some sit-ups, some small weight exercises and lots of stretching.

The bike told me I burned over 1,200 calories in that 45 minutes, but I kind of doubt it. It didn't feel like enough work to negate the whole day. I figure I at least got rid of the cookies and milk, though. So that's something, right? It might have been that the gear dial thing is broken, maybe it thought I was working way harder than I was.

:/ I wonder how many calories you burn dangling string in front of a cat for 20 minutes? lol - it at least made my arm tired.

Or walking a dog. Probably more than the string thing.

I don't think feeding the fish did much for me :P

Anyways. Enough with this nonsense.

Thinspo Time.

There's an image in this video at 1:51, of a girl on a trampoline. Soooo skinny, I was like...whoa
So keep an eye out for her, I want that pic!


  1. Remember--EVERYTHING ADDS UP!
    And you can burn a LOT of calories on an exercise bike, but yeah, those are just rough estimates.
    Now I have to go back and see what happened. I've missed you, bb ♥