Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11 november sleepy brain.

Hello Pretty Ones.
Sorry I didn't update :(
awesome video, embedding disabled
This video is lovely.
I love thinspo with tATu... I love tATu in general. All their songs are perfect, the girls are perfect, and the beat is always there.

When I take a nap in school (I commute...a couple hours between classes now and again) I put tatu in my headphones. Their songs keep me in the moment. Keep distractions at bay.

I've been pretty distracted this semester. 19 credits, which is a lot, especially considering how hard all my classes are. Taking fewer next semester, but it's fairly important I do somewhat well this time around too.

Really planning on working on that weight I put on.
but I need to focus on my grades
I can't afford to lose everything now.

three exams this week, and I don't know what I'm doing
two next week.
and a paper.
I'm really looking forward to a break

I need to sleep...
My thoughts are like this entry.
segmented and short.

Thinspo isn't working on me lately.
I'm too unmotivated.
Sometimes it works a little.
Makes me want to go to the gym.
but the gym isn't happening any time soon.
I went...once.
Once. All semester.

I have worked out some at home, though.
Jumping jacks are fantastic, aren't they?
200 Really get you going.

You know what does work for me though?
Cute clothes. Looking good in cute clothes.
I really need new clothes...

I'm poor. No luck with the job search.

I'm not commenting enough.
I want a box on my profile that counts comments I write, to shame me into commenting more.

I hope to blog more during Fall Recess. It's short, though.

I give up on thinking for now.

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  1. Hey. =)

    Isn't Tatu like 2 Russian girls? Or am I thinking of something else?

    Good luck with losing weight. <3