Thursday, December 31, 2009

A few new years resolutions

This is the image I want to represent my personality in the new year.

I will be below my lw, 126
I will have more pictures of myself
I will make a new friend
and catch up with an old friend
I will cut my hair
I will dutifully take my multivitamin
I will develop a taste for tea
I will use the school's gym.
I will walk more, even in the snow
I will be stronger, more organized, and powerful
I will make my grades reflect this.
I will make myself do things I don't want to do
I will be more independent.
I will get a job
I will not be the weak pathetic dependent useless damsel in distress I've been my entire life.


  1. You know what, my favorite is:

    'I will make myself do things I don't want to do'

    I should add that one to my list!

  2. Awesome!! 2010 will be your year!!