Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fiber, Fail, and Facebook creeps.

Thinspo from a xanga friend. I really love her blog. I recommend making a xanga account, just to peep. Blogger is better for support, but xanga is better for thinspo. I subscribe to a few really good ones.

So I got all my grades. 3 Cs, 3 Bs. :D Best semester I've far! Spectacular. I really felt like I wasn't doing so well, but the curve is a god. lol

Went shopping after Christmas. Spent like $125. Which is a lot. At least for poor little me.

You know, my ten pound goal isn't working out. I've lost...maybe 2. Just another of many disappointments I cause myself. I really can't fast. I just try to eat sparingly, but frequently enough to not have to worry about my metabolism. Fruit is really good for that... we had clementines, those are choice. I ate the wedges like potato chips, but guiltlessly. I'm trying not to count calories, but I wonder how many of those you have to eat before you have to worry. lol. I think I remember the whole clementine being 20 calories.

My mother brought wheat germ into the house. You can add it to anything to add fiber and b vitamins. Actually, I've found it adds a lot of a filling feeling to whatever you add it to. My mother's been adding it to everything, and I think I might take on that habit. It adds a weird texture, but it's really beneficial.

Article on wheat germ, if you're considering it :)

Anyways. I'm sure my weight loss will speed up at the end of the holidays.
Until then, I just have to drink as much water as I can bear. And sleep better than I've been sleeping. By the way, it's almost 8am and I haven't been to bed yet >_> oops.

Well, technically I fell asleep for a couple hours. So I, well no, I have no excuse.

My stomach has gotten really soft. I don't do enough crunches. Seriously... It's gross. I keep grabbing at it. And my thighs too. It's repulsive.

Oh. And if anyone named Jason claiming to be an "ana trainer" talks to you, block him immediately. Write about it. Warn others. Post your conversation! Some creep contacted me on facebook. Got some information from friends on facebook that he's been asking girls for shots of themselves in underwear, he won't reveal his age, and he can show up in a bunch of places. He found another girl on yahoo. I think his name was Jason Dahly. His facebook pic was either old, or fake. His profile is private. He does not have an eating disorder. He's just a pervert. I hope he dies a horrible death. :) He unadded me the moment I became skeptical. Probably afraid I'd report him. He did get away before I could. I couldn't search for him on fb because his profile was private.

Facebook has a lot of problems with creeps. I have to wonder how many of the girls are really girls. -_- it's a shame.

It really pisses me off. These old asshole perverts go on facebook to get pictures of underage girls in their underwear. Completely disregarding the severity of the disorder, completely disrespecting everyone. This Jason guy is the absolute worst of them all so far. He seems...almost innocent at first. But never ever ever trust anyone who claims to be a "trainer" and never ever send anyone your pics.

In the fantasies of these dirty old men, we're just a bunch of lolitas who want to be sexy for them. Ignorant pigs.

Sorry for the rant. There are a ton of Anas on facebook, and it's a good place for friends. It's just such a fucked up problem to have. The thing is, I'm afraid to report these assholes because ana profiles are banned, as far as I know. I know false names are now banned. Name changes have to be approved ahead of time. I'm afraid reporting a creep would result in my own profile being deleted.

At this point, I'm so frustrated with the dirty old men and foreign guys asking for a wife (wtf?) that I think I might just *let* my profile get deleted, except that I have 642 friends, and that seems like a shame to waste. Ugh.


Okay. This is long enough :) Time to try to comment on the blogs of some of you gorgeous girls before I pass out on the couch ^_^


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  2. I had Jason as a trainer, dumb I know. He wanted more than pics of me in underwear, he wanted full nudes, bent over showing certain parts, he was sick. And after you gave him a picture of the hundred he asked for, he would call you fat, ugly, worthless, bitch, whore, all the names you can think of, and I was anorexic when he called me fat.... He really is horrible.

  3. Did he ever send you photos of himself? or tell you where he lived? This Jason Dahly guy has been talking to me and he tries to be really sweet but he is posessive and at first I thought it was cute but now I don't know what to do. He gets angry very fast and but he sent me photos and I have his phone # he calls me sometime on the phone but I don't know if he is real or not so I am curious to what this guy has said to you girls. He told me that he's in love with me and that we are going to be together forever you know stuff like that but I am curious to what he has said to other people.