Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello & thinspo

My goal: to lose ten pounds by New Years.

I'm sorry I haven't been writing. Finals. :/

I have a final tomorrow.
I'm not really prepared, but I don't think it will take much to get prepared.

I'm going to have to be careful. I don't want to make myself not-at-my-best mentally when I have an exam.

So tonight I'll have to eat healthy, I'll eat a healthy breakfast tomorrow.
Multivitamins every day.
Same deal for my next exam.
There are only two left, so it shouldn't throw me off too much.

Losing ten pounds will put me at around my low-weight. I don't exactly know where I stand because my scale tells me a different thing every day >_>

the highs are around 140 o_0 the lows around 135 -_-

My thinspo came from: a site I found that you all might like called
You can add a little bookmarklet to your browser, and you click it when you find an image you like.

It's really neat, don't know how it works. lol.


  1. Awww...I missed you!

    I'm glad to see you're back. =)

    Good luck with exams. <3

  2. Good Luck with Exams!!
    Your blog is great!
    I was wonderin if you could possibly take a look at mine...
    I feel silly writing it if no one reads it.
    Would mean a lot to me
    Xx. Lillie

  3. good luck with your exams.. i had mine like two weeks ago.. it was tricky, part of me felt i should eat for brain power and you know, but then part of me was like your fat, stop it.
    im with you, i so want to lose 10lbs by new year!! xxxxxxxxx