Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh, diet pop...

Trying to quit diet pop cold turkey? Oh, you'll get constipated.

I know, tmi.

Aspartame is a mild laxative, and if you drink diet pop every day - you've essentially got a laxative dependency.

So ... I'm changing my game plan. I've been trying to quit - and now I'm going to do it more as a weaning process.

Cans instead of bottles, maybe every other day instead of everyday.

I thought I'd be fine if I stayed on caffeine. I guess I was wrong.


Oh, today I saw this gorgeous girl. Skinny tiny asian girl, wearing shorts that were...frankly kind of skanky, but I'd probably do the same thing if my legs were as small as hers were.

Seriously, her legs were so small. Thinspo-small.

Arg, it was painful thinspo though. Because my boyfriend was right there with me.

He behaved himself. He noticed her of course, but he didn't say anything overtly stupid. He avoided staring. I guess I was proud.

I mentioned to him later that I thought she looked underweight. He disagreed. I accused him of using wishful thinking.

She had a figure like this girl:

What do you think?

I'm going to obsessing over this for days, I know it.
Maybe that's a good thing


Anyway, the niece and nephew are gone now, so I can get back to reality. I have an exam tomorrow I'm completely unprepared for...

My boyfriend and I have plans to go to the mall.

It's easy to burn calories at the mall, too - which is nice.

:/ I guess I should go to bed.


  1. There is so so so much Asian thinspo at uni!! seriously i am yet to see a fat or even slightly chubby asian! they're just gorgeous, i want their tiny tiny legs!
    Theres my wishful thinking.

  2. That explains a lot about why I always get a serious BM when I had diet Dr. Pepper (which is rarely, so it probably affects me like crazy...)

    And most guys don't know anything about BMI anyway, unless they have an ED. Don't worry. =)

  3. Sate yourself with Pepsi One, which uses Splenda. It doesn't act like aspartame, but if you drink too much...? Well, it can cause the lack of a BM, sadly :(

    Have you noticed how most Asian girls are just shaped different? Like their legs and limbs are just...smaller and more delicate.
    Freaking irritates me.
    Here I am, with legs thick enough to rival an elephants.
    Thanks, Russian side. I could have wound up tall and skinny and beautiful, or the short pudgy Russian housewife look....
    ...guess which one I got? XD

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