Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Omega 3 update

I've noted a marked improvement in my hair, my nails.... and yeah, my skin. Which is pretty awesome, actually.

I can't say for certain that it all gets traced back to the omega. My cycle might affect things. I have this new coconut mousse for my hair. I tried this nail hardening stuff...but lost it after I tried it once. Which sucks, because it was kind of expensive.

But my skin is looking pretty good. I mean, someone who doesn't know my face would still say I have bad skin, but the redness has definitely gone down. I have some pimples, but they're pretty minor.

I was just looking at myself in a mirror a little while ago. I smiled. I was noticing features I normally don't.
I felt like I was looking at a pretty girl with scandinavian features. My nose, my chin, my cheekbones, my eyes. I am more than my bad skin :] I haven't felt that way in ages.

And even if it is partly in my head, or my cycle, or temporary in any way - it was an entirely new way of seeing myself. I saw myself the way I would see another person. Another person who wasn't ugly.

I feel like a salesperson lately. Maybe I should work at a GNC or something.

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  1. I'm obsessed with vitamins, I usually school the kids at GNC

    Omega 3 is amazing for so many reason, glad it is working for you