Saturday, October 2, 2010

Not eating at home is the best thing I've done

My biggest challenge with losing weight has been how I always insist on eating the leftovers from the dinner my parents made... It's kind of a guilt thing, because I'm never home. On a week day I'm gone from 8:30AM-12AM or later. My boyfriend is everything after school.

But ... for reasons I don't care to repeat... in part because they make me look completely mad, I know... I haven't been eating at home. Except for the fiber plus bars I have stashed behind the couch, and I learned the hard way not to O.D. on those.

Yeah, but anyway - I don't really know what else to credit for my being a solid size 4. At least in Old Navy. I didn't try on jeans anywhere else, I had a coupon. I think the sizes weren't weird or anything, though ^_^

It's nice, though - being able to google my size and find skinny people in the pictures. :]

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    folling you.
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