Monday, September 27, 2010

Scary morning

I felt okay when I first got up this morning. I stashed a fiber plus bar in my purse for when I had time for it. I had to get a ride from my dad to get to campus...

On the shuttle that goes from one campus to the other, I started to feel sick.

Nauseous. Overly warm. Dizzy. It was awful. Worst of all the shuttle was packed and I couldn't sit down, so I sat on my heels for a moment, and a girl asked me if I wanted her seat. Normally I would reject that sort of request, even if I would be better off - but I just felt so sick I didn't really have a choice.

I ate a lot yesterday, so despite the fact that I hadn't eaten breakfast I don't think I was starving or anything. I am expecting my period, sometimes I get dizzy when I have pms - but I've never come this close to passing out before. It was awful.

I put my head down on my arm, because I was at the front and I had this bar I could rest on... I did that... My head felt so heavy, but in a way like I wasn't aware of the weight. It was hard to keep up, but I didn't feel strain necessarily. I guess I was just weak. When I did lift my head, I found I couldn't see out of my right eye. I couldn't open it, like it was glued closed or something. I rubbed at it. It opened, I guess. Things were really dark for a while. I guess I was close to blacking out. I was scared. I thought I was going blind. Then things changed

We got to the campus, and everything went from black to white in my vision. Everything was whited out, and hard to see. I didn't want to stand up to get off the bus, but I didn't want to be someone else's problem so I muttered something about not feeling well and pulled myself up.

As I started to walk, I felt weightless in a weird way. I had no choice but to move slowly, it wasn't a conscious decision - I just felt like my mind couldn't move as fast as my legs could, and I didn't want to fall.

The fog cleared up.... I ate about 350 calories from my locker food. Some peanuts, a fiber plus bar, and a starbucks mocha thing. The kind that comes in a glass bottle... I still felt odd. But I went to class. Took a quiz. Probably did okay. The girl I sat next to was really nice. Just seems notable.

After class I ate a rice krispy treat. I feel really cold. It could just be that the building isn't being heated right now, I'm hoping it's not still my body being disagreeable.

but wow... that was awful. I'm still pretty worried.

I am feeling warmer, now, though.

Has this ever happened to you? At all? Anything like this??


  1. I used to get that from my period all the time, even when I was eating perfectly healthy. I once passed out in the shower. Taking yaz (the birth control pill that's supposed to help with PMS symptoms) helped an amazing amount.
    I hope you're okay!!

  2. wow that sounds so scary. the only time i've come close to blacking out was when i had food poisoning so vomited up everything in me, but it happened to be the day we were travelling and were running through airports trying to catch flights. i was ill and had no energy in my whatsoever. it could have been because you lose a lot of blood when u have your period? hope u feel better xx

  3. Ugh that sounds terrible. I hate that kind of feeling where you're like, HOW is this happening. That happens to me particurally when I'm dehyrdrated so maybe it had something to do with that. But no more of that okay!

  4. I pass out really easily, dont know why, but it started this past summer. I know how you feel, it can be a bit scary. I can eat normal and still almost pass out, I dunno what it is. I think Scarlett might be right, though, dehydration could probably cause it.

  5. I'm so sorry you had such a scary episode. I hope you're alright and that you don't experience anything like that again in the future. Kudos on braving it out and still hitting class after going through that, you're a very strong willed person and I hope you don't face any more challenges. Stay strong, stay hydrated, and take care :) xoxo-Kelli