Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Word to the wise

1. Do not overdo it on the fiber.

Did that yesterday. Made my belly very unhappy. Hope no one else made a 3-bar mistake...they're so goooood @_@

2. Drink lots of water with fiber.

It absorbs water, and needs water to pass through.

3. I maintain that's it's totally worth it.


  1. haha . . . i defintiely overdid it. i didn't have that much, but i probably didn't drink enough water. major cramps!

  2. By the way, in response to your comment on my last blog:
    I, too, am suspicious that hula-hooping could burn 100 cals/10 minutes. There is a new club at my college called the "Hoop Troupe," and those are the numbers THEY put out. I checked them online, though, and it's pretty damn close if you do it vigorously enough. Of course, your current weight/metabolism affects it. Regardless, it's good stuff if only for the fun. hee hee :P

  3. Going thru your old posts reaading back..
    Ha! I have also done the fiber one overdose.
    Those oats and chocolate bars are my fave! Soooo hard to just have one!