Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This was a trash can in a conference room I was in today... you might not think this is as amusing as I think it is.

Today when I woke up, I measured my waist - and it was under 25.5 inches - which is possibly the lowest ever. I'm not sure I trust that. For one because I hadn't had enough to drink yesterday, and two because I'm not my lowest weight, so why would my waist be smaller? Physically it was, but the rest of my stats just didn't make sense.

I've also been kind of a fuck up today. I haven't been hungry for days, suddenly my appetite is back and I need to find a way to keep it at bay. I think I need apples... It's apple season, and I love apples. Apples everywhere, and they're in everything. But I should just be eating apples, not apple-cider donuts. Apple danishes. Apple spice muffins. UGH. Damn you Tim Hortons.

Autumn is the most delicious season.

I will totally indulge in hot apple cider, though. A little bit, any chance I get. Maybe I'll try hard apple cider? I should really try hard apple cider. I'd replace my blood with apple cider if I could...

And Dunkin donuts has this pumpkin spice coffee... It's so damn good.

WHY are these things seasonal? It's not like most of what they're making is actually made fresh from hand-picked apples.

I must sound crazy right now. I guess I am a little bit.

I'm made of coffee today. And an apple cider donut. It tasted like apple cider, but fattier. It's been so long since I'd had a donut before this morning. Which makes sense, because they're so... insubstantial, you know? They're nothing. They're like fattening air. Coated in sugar. They look so good when they're sitting on the shelf, and it's like someone hands it to you, and it must have melted in your hand or something because suddenly it's gone and all that's left in a layer of sugar on your lips and lap.

And where is Mango? One of my blogging friends. She vanished some time when I wasn't posting, and I think she deleted her blog. Which is a shame. Maybe it's just private.

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  1. I love seasonal fall flavors. Then again, I love anything with cinnamon, pumpkin, or vanilla :) I had DD's pumpkin spice coffee the other day...freaking delish!