Friday, May 28, 2010

Lane Bryant Mocks Victoria's Secret


*Edit note: I they removed the ad from their blog, but read about the madness it was!

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"Oh, snap!

Looks like Lane Bryant is still feeling a tad touchy about last month's lingerie ad drama, in which the plus-size retailer accused Fox and ABC of a double standard for running a racy Victoria's Secret commercial while allegedly censoring a Lane Bryant ad starring a curvy model.

The company's Inside Curve blog has stirred the pot by posting a video featuring a lingerie-clad skeleton who smooches her reflection in the mirror as she raves about her "perfect bra made for perfect women, like me" -- which is "not for chubbies," MediaPost reports.


A Lane Bryant spokesperson tells StyleList that the brand did not create the ad, but posted it in response to the ongoing body image debate.

"Millions of supporters have expressed their views in a variety of ways and following is a poignant, albeit humorous work, that speaks to the cause of accepting beauty in all sizes," according to the Inside Curve.

We feel a mud wrestling contest coming on. But while the ad is lighthearted, it's not really Victoria's Secret's fault that TV networks took issue with the Lane Bryant ad. And we're sure Lane Bryant wouldn't take too kindly to a parody mocking their curvaceous models.

We've said it before and we'll say it again... it's about embracing all body types -- no bones about it."

While it's completely outrageous that ABC would show a VS ad over Lane Byant, this retaliation seems to reflect more on a skinny bigotry than anger towards the the injustice they suffered.

The quote about accepting all body types being the point of the ad is particularly hypocritical.

I'm taken aback by how rude and hypocritical this is.

Clearly there's some one to hate you no matter where you're sitting on the bmi chart.

Pot calling the Kettle black sort of thing.

I do believe that in a perfect world everyone would be their healthy size and that everyone would accept one another.

There would be No eating disorders or high quantities of unhealthy temptations EVERYWHERE.
People would understand their appetites, cravings, and motivations for eating.

In this perfect healthy world more people would lose weight than gain, but I don't want to nit pick.

There's so much wrong with the world when there's a battle between body types.

I was talking with my boyfriend and we were discussing why, in his opinion, "evolution is stupid."
Not the theory, we're not talking about the past. We're talking about the future, and how we've created a society where food is readily available, but it's our evolutionary tendency to seek out fatty foods. Our evolutionary urges are making us fatasses.

If we don't think about these things, we'll eat ourselves into an early grave.

It's so damn hard to be healthy. If you're not fighting, you're submitting.

Other countries aren't so awful - I once read something about a Russian man who lived in the US for a while - says everything tasted like chemicals and when he moved back to Russia he lost 15 pounds on food that tasted better anyway.

Apparently there are no fat people in Russia
^I could have sworn I posted this before...but either google removed it or I was thinking of a forum. But yeah, all of those girls look healthy and beautiful.

My boyfriend once downloaded Russian fat porn, I think I told him to. The girls weren't even that fat, probably like bmi of 24,

So yeah.

We lived in this warped little bubble where it's like a crucible of unnatural and unhealthy conditions which cause us to act out and become obsessed with the weirdest things.

I honestly believe society has driven us all completely insane, at least in this regard.

Let's all leave the country. I could live in Russia some day, hey - I'm already used to Buffalo winters.


  1. Ah I've had my brilliant post of the day, thank you. That video - well - quite well said actually. I've always found the evolution thing really frustring, we've created a society that when food is basically poisoning us rather than giving us nutrition, and it scares me to think about how quickly we're losing our health as a species.
    Anyway, great post and great reading, thanks! x x

  2. I hate the American food industry - those greedy bastards have no interest in the health of their consumers

    if you want to be really outraged, read the end of overeating, it talks all about evolution and the addiction to food we've developed.

  3. Haha that's so true. There really aren't fat people in Russia. It's nothing like the US. Except... They do sell a lot of junk food. But healthy food is RIDICULOUSLY popular. Maybe because it's easier to get and cheaper or something... I don't know. But people just don't eat junk food like they do in the US.

    Seriously though... That whole body types war thing is shit. I hate it. =/ Sigh. No wonder so many people have eating disorders.