Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Facebook was deleted

Which really pisses me off. It was a private account. I didn't encourage starvation - though for some reason I kept getting added to groups I couldn't leave. I had a ton of friends. They also deleted my blog fan page. :/ Which brought me lots of traffic.

So whoever reported my facebook page

Go cuck a sock.

Yeah. I don't even know how to go about reconstructing what I had.

I've sent facebook an email asking for my fan page back. I'm not going to fuss over the facebook account itself, because I was in fact using a "false name." Nevermind that I lost about 3000 friends. I'm more concerned over the couple hundred fans on my fan page. I really loved that :( I consider that a bigger loss.

I really did try to be careful of who I added, and who could see my profile. For every friend I added I also rejected a creeper.

It's amazing how isolated having your account deleted can make you feel. I went from having this huge support group to there being this...wall... Cut off and rejected. Suddenly, with no warning. I feel like I've been robbed.

One more thing! Who are they to say it was a false name?
Sooo many people have double facebook accounts for work purposes.
Lots of people don't use their real last names on facebook.
You're not even allowed to use a cartoon character in your facebook photo, which is the meme this week, because it's copyrighted material.
Really, getting your facebook deleted is arbitrary and

Well, I'm just pissed. You know that.

Facebook has become something of a social necessity. I mean, my real one is the only way I maintain friendships. I have no money or car or apartment or other way to get in touch with them...

It's actually a bit scary how easily that can be taken away.

Especially considering that there are literally THOUSANDS of false-named girls on facebook.

...I'd like to know what's wrong with seeking understanding from people who think like you do.

Why do people insist they know what's right for us?

And why is "right" mean suffering alone?

Because I know the fact that my name wasn't real isn't the real reason I was deleted. It was just the excuse. Someone had a reason for what they did. Some stupid self-righteous reason... I hope whoever it was gets hit by a truck.


  1. So sorry your facebook got deleted. So unfair... There are definitely girls that have horrible things on their pages and they never get any trouble for it. Maybe you can make a new one? If there were a lot of people you were in contact with, you can add them back and your new page will snowball back to normal in no time. And at least you still have blogger! Hang in there...

  2. i'm sorry that it got deleted. but i know what you's become such a vital communication tool. if you think about how much walls, chat and messaging mean it's kind of scary.

  3. My ed account got deleted off fb as well, it really hurt considering all my friends that helped me make it through each day were suddenly gone. and i couldn't get them back. i can related to how frustrated and pissed off u must of feel.

    i hope ur able to get ur fan page back and maybe you can create a new account and try and get some of the people back <3

  4. That sucks that some dick reported your facebook... Sorry and I hope things get better. I know how you feel about losing supporters. At least you have blogger. I really do hope that you get the fanpage back
    Good luck
    Pce, Nate