Saturday, September 26, 2009

My boyfriend's mother has a cardboard catnip scratching box thing... It's in the basement, that's where I am.
At the bottom of that cardboard thing is catnip.
Somehow the cat got the top layer of cardboard off, and is very affectionate at the moment.


Purring up a storm.

No good weight news, except that I'm feeling energetic.
I've returned to counting calories, but less precisely.
I don't feel like going back to the daily plate yet.

I've got some good news about school - I'm not behind on anything! At least not deadline-wise. I don't think I've completely missed any assignments. I'm up for a tough couple weeks, big tests - but I expect I'll actually study for them. I feel ... hopeful. Like I'm not academically worthless.

I do have a rough couple weeks of tests and assignments coming up, though... So I'm going to have to work hard to stop myself from 'self-handicapping' (that was the subject of the last lecture I walked in late to this week. It was like they were talking about me).

I keep considering seeing a counselor. I'm petrified of talking to TAs and professors and that's probably not such a good thing. Actually, you've gotta make an appointment over the phone and that scares me too.

Okay. I've gotta get offline, now. I'll try to make a thinspo or exercise-video post soon.

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  1. glad to hear you're feeling energetic and that you're not behind in school. keep it up! sounds like good momentum to me.