Monday, September 7, 2009

Right now?

By the end of this week, I'll have dedicated myself to regularly going to the gym.

She is here. She's not as skinny as I thought she was. She's acting obnoxiously adorable. Wearing a tank top and showing cleavage. What is a tiny asian girl like her doing with tits? Forgive my language, but life ain't fair -_- Anyways, she was hula hooping. She's whining to her boyfriend in a pitch only dogs can here. She couldn't finish a bag of popcorn she was sharing. she's got the nerve to ask about chocolate?

I don't hate her. I'm hormonal. Bless my boyfriend for [i assume] intentionally not looking at her. I suspect she was actually trying to get him to look. I hope his humoring my jealousy came across as "you're unappealing" to her.

I hope she goes home before I do.

The past couple days have been depressing calorie-wise. I've been rationalizing my eating with my plans for the gym. Really, I can't wait.

My skin is acting up. I don't really want to be around women. Felt skinny today....but I'm only ruining it for myself.

I think school has given me some much needed structure, but my energy is low and my skin is acting up and my eyes are getting bags under them and I need the gym, it'll help make everything better.

Don't know what else to say. Thanks to you gorgeous girls for reading. 101 now, it's impressive.
I'll make an effort to read and comment tonight while my boyfriend is boring me to tears with his nerdiness. I don't comment enough lately. I've probably said that already - I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot.


  1. I feel so connected to you through our boyfriend woes, haha.

  2. ooooh aren't girls like that annoying? Especially when your hormones want to rip open a normal person for fun? lol

  3. You write amazingly! I love everything you put down it's so captivating. I just started this whole blog thing so I feel very lonely. I mean I know I'm not disconected from the rest of you but I feel almost isolated in the way I can talk to you but I have no one to talk back. I know it sounds pathetic but I have nothing of the intriguging life you have (to make it worse I live in the middle of nowhere, smallest town possible, in the country) so please be my freind!

    ps sorry that was a little long

  4. angel of ana i feel you, i've just started blogging too (:

    I love it though, you find a blog like this that's so raw and emotional.

    Try not to worry, i have my period and my skins shit too. Its totally depressing.

    It'll improve, stay strong