Thursday, September 3, 2009

House and University

My boyfriend and I have been watching house.
And the thing about House is, every woman on the show shows chest
but they don't have cleavage
they have a minimum of three visible chest ribs (showing above the low cut shirts, I mean. I'm sure there are more).

I've mentioned before that I make a game of counting ribs. I want ribs. It bugs the hell out of me that this is supposed to be sexy though. Seriously, watch an episode sometime, if you're not already familiar with it. I feel confident that every woman on the show has some sort of eating disorder.

Anyways, things have been dramatic with my boyfriend, but I think things are okay for now.

School started and I have structure in my life again.
Once my period ends I'm going to start hitting the gym again.
and then I can get off this awful plateau, and sleep better and maybe stop feeling like a complete horrific failure.

Honestly, the girls around school are stunningly thin. It's a spectacle sometimes. One girl, I saw her walking down the hall. There must have been an inch and a half gap between her thighs as she was walking. Epic thinspo. She made me feel so big.

Okay. I need to drink heaps of water and hit the sack.


  1. yeah man, the women on House are amazing thinspo. my boyfriend thinks i'm watching it for the brilliant writing. haha. i mean, there's that too, but mainly its "hello, can i look like Thirteen? Please?!?!"

    another fantastic source of moving picture thinspo is the film Factory Girl starring Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick. watch that and you won't eat for days :)

  2. It's like that for me at school. I look at every single girl and try to decide: Ana, Mia, Normal...EDNOS? I can't help but wonder, I think when you, yourself have an ED you kinda suspect EVERYBODY does! And then you wonder if they guess you have one [too]!

    Those tiny lil things at school do make me super motivated and are a total appetite killer/make me feel guilty for eating much of anything.