Saturday, February 28, 2009


I can only speak for myself, but I'd love to hear what you think, in a comment or a blog
I mean, on any pro-ana site, they make a disclaimer saying something like " This site is a place for support for those who already have an eating disorder, so if you're just looking for a diet, please leave." So in no way is there a definition that includes spreading these ideas. Pro-ana means...what exactly? In my opinion, I think it's kind of a personal rights thing. You can't get help until you're ready to.
There's a lot of ana-oppression in the real world.
You get to feeling like shit, because everyone hates you. For what? For being sick?
Why the hell should people hate you because you hate yourself?
It has to be a secret. It's a burden that we carry. If anyone found out? We'd be looked at differently. Not as individuals. As sick people. Somehow immoral people?
Treatment is a wonderful thing, but only if you can commit to it. Girls who lie their way through treatment end up further from recovery than they were before, don't they?

A pro-ana blog, or a pro-ana forum ( Safe Private Garden , Hungerland )is the only place a girl can really find kindness, understanding - comradery.
Plus we are the only people who realize that having an eating disorder doesn't always mean being on the verge of death. Nor does it mean skinny. Some of the most amazing girls I know of online are overweight, or average like myself.

Pro-ana to me essentially means "safe," as a label on a website. It's where we can go to be ourselves, talk about things that absolutely need to be brought out. Where we won't be judged for our unhealthy habits. Where we can feel a little less WRONG about everything. Even helpful, because we're connecting with people who need us as much as we need them.

Anyways... my twentieth birthday is Monday. I was hoping to have reached a goal by then, a nice round number. I'm not sure I have though. I might even have gained a little. That's what happens when I spend so much time with my boyfriend, I end up eating what he eats. His metabolism must be amazing.

My goal for this blog was to post every other day, but I've just barely missed that because I spend last night with my boyfriend, and just came home a couple hours ago.. Sorry. I gotta keep my ass in gear.

K. Stay strong girls. Your hearts are bigger than your stomachs.


  1. Wow. That post was... poetic.

    And true.

  2. i love lvoe loved this post.
    it annoys me when i ehar people say that "oh well pro ana girls arent really anorexic. you cant choose to be anorexic." and it really pisses me off. its like they dont even understand what pro ana is. pro ana is being strong enough to follow what you want and not fight it the entire way.
    im proana because i like loosing weight. i dont like being sick. it makes me happy so not eat. but i wish i could get better sometimes.

    we all go through a struggle and it seems like the real world doesnt understand that. all they see is people that they think are wrong, or sinners. they think our disorder must not be valid because we support each other and we support ana.

    and its really horrible that people do get shit a lot for it. assholes everywhere making remarks like "your fucking sick, no one likes skinny people." or "eat a fucking burger." really piss me off. its like dont you think if we could eat a burger then we would? and the sad truth is no, its not just the media that makes it look like skinny people are better. its cold, hard, fact. its just human nature to gravitat towards the one that society would value more rather than the fat ass.

    damn i feel like im writing a blog on your blog haha.


    have fun kidd i hope you reach your goal =]]

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  3. To me pro-ana is a choice thing, girls that aren't yet ready to seek treatment either out choice or because they don't need to. There was alot of talk about banning pro-ana sites/blogs from the internet not so long ago but in my opinion pro-ana websites will not make someone anorexic. People that are looking at pro-ana were probably anorexic long before they even knew what pro-ana was (in my case also). I think for me I blog to others that are pro-ana to seek approval that my habbits aren't as sick as 'normal' people would have me believe. Not that what I'm doing is the right thing to do (and I know that) but maybe I don't need to be as ashamed as they'd make me feel.

  4. I agree. When I discovered pro-ana I started hating myself much less.

    and, "I end up eating what he eats. His metabolism must be amazing."
    I KNOW! It's so sick. My boyfriend is thinner (proportionally) than me and he eats SOOO much with little exercise! I can't stand it.

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