Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Technically it's not my birthday anymore. At least not in my time zone. In any case, today was a diet fail. Chinese food and a massive slice of cake made sure of that. I even got those chocolate covered cookie dough balls they sell when I went to see a movie. Coraline. I think my boyfriend ate more than I did, though, so at least there's that. Still, there's a LOT of calories in those little things. 200 per serving. 3 servings in a box.

Is it weird that I gawked at the profoundly skinny legs of a pre-pubescent clay-mation character? I think it is.

I had a TON of energy, though. Fortunately we spent a couple hours wandering around the mall, mostly just window shopping. My beau did buy me a purse that was on clearance at Spencers.

And yesterday my dad gave my mother $100 to take me shopping. We went to Marshall's. I love that store now, I got 2 dresses, rain boots, a thermal pullover, and an amazing fuzzy sweatshirt there, as well as 2 bras and a pair of tights from target. Without going over. It was lovely :-) I wore some of my new clothes today. My legs are so weird, though. The tights don't fit perfectly, they never do (intended for women between 130 and 175 lbs. I'm on the far lower end of that, I swear!). I've always had thick legs. It's mostly my calves. In any case, I was fairly satisfied with the way I look in those dresses. And comfy dresses like I got, they won't get too big when I lose more weight like those jeans I got for Christmas did.

So... A little thinspo

A few girls with skinny legs in dresses.

...I did okay with that, look at those chest-ribs :)


  1. i just like your blog.
    your posts sound.. sweet, and tender.
    but i cannot understand why you're so unhappy.
    i'm sure - really sure - you're as thin as your thinspo are.

    a friend from italy :)

  2. There's no way I could think of 50 questions! lol but you should make your own, 50 questions worth and I'll do it! :)

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