Monday, March 16, 2009

Wow. I'm...upset

So... I posted a post at a forum.

Never you mind which one.

I posted something a friend of mine had posted in her xanga blog.

Never you mind which friend.

But it was an article about masturbation written by the Mormon church. I thought it was amusing, mostly because they actually kind of sounded like Ana tips. I made the connection that it's probably about as hard for a young man to stop masturbating as it is to stop eating.

Clearly I should have adjusted for audience, I understand. I wasn't too upset when the post got deleted. I have a group of friends that understand a coarse sense of humor.

Except the the admin...never you mind who that might be...insulted me in incredibly unprofessional ways. unbelievably so.

Now, the private messages weren't so bad. I can understand, I can be civil. but without my saying anything else to her, she emails me this:

"I was very surprised that on [...] you posted about your problems on this
site under a different name. I think that if you have a problem on one site
you will try to resolve it with the Administrators. Your post did show
complete hatred of a major religion in the worst way. It shows racism at
its lowest form. It also show an intolerance towards Ed's and a complete
disregard of decency.
In following your blog trail you also used photos that were taken from
personal thinspo areas of other sites. I think all the girls on [...] would
be interested in knowing that you do not have any regard for privacy or
morality in further spreading personal photos.
Therefore you are denied access to the personal photos on [...]."

Okay. So...RACISM?! How is that RACIST?!
You have to understand, I've had virtually NO interaction with this person. But I responded with ...many less-than-lady-like words. I was pretty much aiming to tear her a new one. I also asked to be banned. I suppose I didn't have to. Fact is, none of those seriously offensive insults make any sense. Racism. Go to hell. I'm not a racist, and hell, I like Mormons too (who you may already know are *not* a race). But apparently I can't find a document about the evils of masturbation the slightest bit humorous without being....RACIST???? and there was not "complete hatred of a major religion in the worst way." I just made fun of the page a little.
And HOW exactly is that showing intolerance towards EDs????! Ugh.

I've...never been so offended in my life. I had enough decency to let my post be taken down gracefully, I only mentioned my predicament on another site briefly in a topic ABOUT the other site. But she sends me that...ridiculously offensive email.

So... that's one forum I'll never return to again.

Forgive the rant, it's just so ridiculous.

Now I somewhat understand the part about the pictures. I'm not saying she's right. CERTAINLY not. If you've been to one blog, you've been to them all in many cases - thinspo pics are ridiculously reused and common. Seriously. I've been all over the internet in the proana realm and there are dozens of sites using the same images I am. She's got NO business threatening my blog. Ugh. And I NEVER got thinspo images from a girl's personal site or blog. I got them from people just plain posting thinspo. That's all.

In the interest of humoring google, however, if she's going to try reporting me (I don't think it's below her), I'm going to replace those images with [image] for now.

Forgive the low talk about this person if you know who I'm talking about, forgive the strong feelings - I'm just incredibly offended and this was all over something as trivial as an article about masturbation. The words "lol" "mormon" and "masturbation" in the same area code apparently make for racism. Hm. Interesting Recipe. If I hadn't used the word "Mormon" it would probably have stayed up.

The linked article in question
^TRY to tell me some of those tips don't translate to Ana.

I'm very angry. I can't show you what I wrote to show you how incredibly overblown this situation is because it was taken down. But if you've gotten any idea of the kind of person I am through this blog, you know I'm not the type who goes around spewing remarks around about people's spirituality ...or race for that matter. (seriously, wtf?).

...I need a hug. And someone tell me I'm right, please.

I'll get to commenting on your blogs after I get some sleep and calm down. If she reads this, and she certainly will, I'm asking her to stop. I'll have no desire to mention her again unless she does something else as momentously upsetting as what I've been left to rant about.

Though I visited the site in question one last time to find she's already begun to drag my name through the mud.

SOMEONE. I don't even know. Ugh. I'm so pissed I don't even have words anymore. I'm actually worried this is going to turn into harassment.


  1. Sounds like she needs to masturbate lol...maybe she's mormon hahaha! Yeah way overblown IMO.

  2. That article is HILARIOUS. "Overcoming Masturbation." That's all you need to laugh. That being said, I have lived in Utah and personally know and love many Mormon people. These two facts are not mutually exclusive, as I think you are/were trying to say!

    As for the pictures-- photos on the internet are basically free game for everyone's use unless they are copyrighted. You're right.

    I'm sorry you had a tough day.

  3. Ugh, how horrible! I know how upsetting internet confrontations can be. The article you mentioned does have some parallels and LDS is definitely not a race. Even if you spoke out against the masturbation thing, it wouldn't be "hatred," it would be your opinion.

    Further, the fact that she seems to be slandering you on this site is bothersome, especially as she had a problem with you publicly talking about this dispute.

    You definitely don't need to be bothered by ridiculous ignorant people. I hope you can find a distraction (not food! lol) to feel better about this. *hugs*

  4. Oh man, reading "overcoming masturbation" just made my day! That was great...and yea, I'm totally on your side...since when was Mormon a race?...well I guess they are all white, lol....all Mormon's are white, but not all white people are Mormon's haha....anyways, that was awesome...some good ideas in there to prevent binging for sure too. Thanks for the post!

  5. masturbation is a cause for psychiatric evaluation? and yet they allow men to marry multiple women and fuck them until the cows come home.

    if you want to read MY opinion about this kind of horse shit, feel free to read my blog "Abstinence and the Real World."

    but yes *hugs* you're right. :P

    i don't even get where the racism bit came in... but she could just be projecting her own shortcomings because you know how brave and forthright people are on internet forums.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that article was so funny ah it made my day. sorry for the bitch woman if I ever met her I would punch her in the face no no I have some class I would kick her in the stomach it's much classier