Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thanks :-)

Hey, girls.
I really love this blog, and the people who are reading it. I realize it's keeping me motivated. I've been working out more since I started this blog, and though my weight had plateaued I think it's started moving again. So thank you, your encouragement means everything :-D

I'm really beginning to suspect I've got a social anxiety disorder.
The other day I was at a career fair thing. I managed to stay a little while. I went alone. I talked to...2 people. Then I started to feel overwhelmed.
The place was crowded, I felt so ugly...It was full of skinny grad-students in pants suits and carrying portfolios. There were a couple other people dresses normally. I wasn't a total freak.
I don't know. I went out of curiosity.
I started to feel intimidated and warm. Very warm. So I left. Practically ran. Nearly forgot my coat. I don't think I needed it though, because though the wind-chill outside was in the single digits, if not negative - I was sweating like a hog. A fat, pimply, greasy hog who hadn't brushed her hair in days.
On the bright side, I got a pen, a tote, and sugar free mints just for asking for information. From Target. lol. One of the more relieving things about going there. So many companies will hire you just for having a four year degree. That's a relief. I'd heard that, but never really believed it. I still haven't chosen a major.
And Fish Price is looking for people with Aerospace engineering degrees. Something else I learned. lol - Just thought that was interesting.

Oh, and RayRay, I think I'll take you up on that challenge to make a 50 question survey workout :-D you just wait. Gimme a couple days. We'll see how this turns out.

Now a little thinspo. It's all about the tush.



  1. I have social anxiety too.

    What year are you in school? Do you like it?

  2. That's cool that you went to the career fair at least. I'm excited for your survey! And...a little scared lol.

  3. good for you for just going! i freak out in situations like that, too, and i probably would have turned around as soon as i walked in the door. thanks for the thinspo, too!

  4. I have anxiety, but college def. brings it out the worst of it... I'm in my last year. Congrats on the end of your plateau :)

  5. I like being in big crowds, but actual contact intimidates me!

    Normal people eat even more, too, which is so scary to think about!

  6. lovelylovelylovely thinspo haha
    and i get anxious in big crowds too.
    i really cant go anywhere alone.
    im fine with my friends, but alone i freak out and think everyones staring at me.
    damn false audiences =/

    it sounds like your doing really well!!
    keep it up girlll

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  7. Maybe its not social anxiety? it could quite simply be intimidation or lack of confidence. I'm happy that blogging is working for you!! keep it up

  8. dude, atleast you braved a career fair. i am still looking on craigs list for temporary positions.

    good luck.