Friday, March 20, 2009

Blogging and tips :o)

I've been thinking about my blog lately and the direction it's taking. I intended on finding things like statistics, trends, media, tips, resources, and posting every few days. I didn't intend to really have a blog that got very personal and talked about my own food intake and personal problems, at least not too much. I have a hard time staying on task, though.
I need to keep myself focused. The fact that it makes me stay on task is one of the reasons my blog is helping me. I'm not the type who benefits purely from support, I think I thrive on supporting others, especially since I'm not that good at expressing myself without sounding...awkward. That really turns people away.
Anyways, basically I'm saying I don't want to just post fluff when I just don't feel like trying, and though in review none of my entries are that bad, I just need to remind myself that people don't care about the cookies my mother made and how ridiculous the growth in my thighs was overnight. At least not without some sort of substantial context in which to frame it.

Anyways, now to some tips! :-)

"Stina" wrote:

"This post is inviting you to join in on TIP-SHARE 2009! Basically, I'm tired of reading tips or "tricks" on websites and in magazines and having no idea if they actually work. I want you to tell me tips that you actually use to lose weight, curb hunger, fast, avoid binging, stay motivated, and so on! You can post your tips in your blog so that everyone can read them."

I don't know if I have many original ideas, but I'll post a few that I think have worked for me at various points in my weight-loss history.

1. Exercise in the morning.
-Jump starts the metabolism in the morning. I once lost more than five pounds in a month or so without realizing it in high school just from a brisk fifteen minute walk in the morning to class.
2. Eat filling breakfasts
-seems like a lot of food is always a bad idea, but if you can get some whole grain toast, a couple egg whites, and a slice of cheese in the morning before you get going, your body appreciates it and you might not even be hungry by lunch, and it's also good for the metabolism. Breakfast in the morning keeps calories lower all day.
3. If you crave sweets, eat them in the morning.
-in moderation of course. You'll burn them off during the day, and personally if you're like me sweets are least appealing in the morning.
4. Do little exercises under the desk at work or school
-like lift your legs to work your thighs and lower abs, clench your butt a few times. I have a stress ball I put between my knees when I'm bored sometimes. It's like a tiny portable thigh-master. lol. It doesn't always feel like it's doing much, but any calories burned do not represent a wasted effort.
5. Read.
-Watching TV or going online leaves room for your mind to wander. Reading a book is different, at least to me, because I get into the book and breaking my train of thought for a sandwich (or an evil peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookie...or six) is less desirable than ever.
6. Snacking.
-Better than meals. You never have that disgusting full feeling and you don't get hungry either. Calorie counts stay low. It's hard to avoid meals, but people will question you less if you've always got something small on you and they see you eat. I think that may be the secret of all the skinny people you know that constantly seem to be eating.
7. Don't be afraid of fat content
-This is an important one I've been meaning to stress for awhile. Fat and fiber both play a role in cleansing your body and running the metabolism. Things don't work right if you're lacking one of natures most important lubricants. You'll find if you're constipated, like a lot of Anas and dieters get, adding some more fat to your diet will help spur weight loss like you didn't expect was possible simply because your body isn't holding on to all the fat it takes in, it can use up what it has. it will lift your mood considerably, fairly quickly.

K, girls! Stay strong!


  1. I heart all your posts, no matter what you are talking about :)

    Number 7 is an interesting tip! I'll have to keep it in mind.

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I'm feeling better. Oh, and I've got plenty of hospital stories.... talking about the craziness helps me feel less bitter about it haha.

  2. Oh my gosh I am the SAME way with reading! Books, magazine, gaming guides, whatever as long as it's in bookish form I will get super into it and not even think about eating!

  3. Thanx for the tips!

    P.s. I love your blog!


  4. ahh i love the list.

    XOXO SOphia Ruins <3

  5. I think that's a great idea keep it coming.

  6. So true about the fats!! It amazes me that so many people are fearful of them when they are so good for you, keep you full, help disgestion, get rid of belly fat etc etc.

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