Monday, March 16, 2009

Update (see previous post)

Clearly in the 21st century the use of a CHurch doctrine on onanism and
comparing it with an ED shows complter contempt of the Chrch of Later day
saints. When a meber of one group attacks another that is ideed racism when
it is based upon hatred of their religious doctrine.
Photos belong to the photogrpaher and the model. Posting them is a
violation of privacty. I don; thinl taht you would enjoy having a phto of
you in just yur panties blasted over the net. Indeed one member of [...],
[actual username of someone on that forum] complained voiolently when this occurred. Itis questionable whether
all the phtos showed girtls over 18 in all cases. there may be issues of
interstate trafficing in child porn your blog
If you were happy on [...] then wjyt did you make obnoxious posts here
Obvioulsy you npo longer want to part of [...].
After reviewing all the evidenve sunitteed in a short time the Advisory
Board declares that you are not suited to be part of our site. Severl
mmebrs requested you get help for your racist attitute towards minorities.
The conclusin is that you are banned in perpetuity from [...] effective on
March 17.
Your account has been closed
On Behalf of the Advisory Board

YOur case may be appealed to the state court of Utah where the hostmaster
server is located. As the losing party you will be expected to pay attorny
costs as well as damages. In addtion any attempt to interefere on [...] will
result in complints to appropriate authoriites including severs, police and
the federal prosecutor in charge of civit Rights crimes in your state.

Ugh. So damn frustrating.
Could anyone read that?

In any case...the reply is too unintelligible to get any angrier at. It was suggested that I document these exchanges. That's why I post.

She called me a child pornographer...gave the name of someone who I apparently offended (real smart)....and something about legal action?

I don't understand, but I'm not worried. She's got nothing, and I have NO interest in participating in anything related to her sites, ever again. Hopefully she'll leave me the fuck alone now.


  1. that even in English I could barely read some of it b/c of the spelling mistakes/typos. Kind of makes it seem less credible w/ all those mistakes...whatever move on and forget.

  2. You should email her back and say "I'm sorry. Would you mind resending the last email in English? My Google translator tool is having trouble identifying the language." What a fucking moron!

  3. Utah, rightey-oh no wonder they got so offended. To be clear I have nothing against Mormons in general, and I'm sure you don't either, but I have to agree and say that they are NOT a race therefore discrimination against them (which in this case did not even occur!) would not be racism. I think you are too smart to participate in that forum (of course I'm deliciously curious as to what it was but I understand why you can't say). Anyways, in summary, they suck you rule. :)

  4. I have organized my thoughts in a list.

    1. This person really seems to have authority, as they cannot even spell "don't."
    2. If you are trafficking child porn, so are the people who originally posted the pictures, so they should expect to pay damages as well.
    3. If I recall, free speech is okay. In fact, we like it. If the KKK can trample through African American neighborhoods, I think a quip about the LDS church is alright too. No crime is being committed, and therefore there's nothing they can do.
    4. It sounds like someone is on a power trip.
    5. The person on the power trip may want to consider not writing while drunk to avoid errors of logic, spelling, law and grammar.
    6. Fuck them. You're better than they are. You have personality.

    In conclusion, this is ridiculous. They blew shit WAY (and I mean WAY) out of proportion.

    Mormons aren't a race of people. They're just white bread americans. Like Wonder Bread, only not as pretentious and discriminating.

    And what are they getting their chastity belts in a twist for? So what you made a correlation between masturbation control and eating disorders? They obviously seem to think masturbation is some kind of problem stemming from a dubious personality DISORDER. I don't know exactly what you wrote, but even if it was typed incoherently in the midst of some speedy psychadellic high I can't imagine how these issues could have possibly bumped heads. I'd comment on the grammar, but really, why kick a man while he's already down?

    As for kicking you out of a public forum they are infringing on your right to free speech, which, as a federal law supersedes those of a religious group. You just put a fire under their bum and there's nothing harmful about that.

  6. Your "admin" sounds like she is 12-years old and getting legal advice from one of those TV ads for lawyers doing shady business.

    People like that love to flaunt this tiny bit of power they have and hide behind their internet persona. Clearly, you unintentionally hit a sore note with this girl and her "Advisory Board"... anyway, if she wanted to get into semantics and act Holy, she really shouldn't affiliate herself with a pro-ana forum, when mainstream America deems pro-ana as a movement that basically lends itself to assisted suicide (**these are not my beliefs, but this woman seems to think she's so morally superior!). I don't even want to get into how you could construe the LDS Church's position on homosexuality and their fight for Prop-8 as "racist" if you go by her standards. But she is definitely a bad apple, as I have many Mormon friends who would find this equally ridiculous!

    Definitely keep documenting these, but hopefully you can get back into the positive swing of things. I'm so sorry this continued mess has been going on for you!

  7. LOL, as I was posting, an ad at the bottom of the page came up to buy "Song of the South" ... and I got a kick out of it. Real racism vs. personal badly-defined belief of racism?! Feel better!!!