Thursday, May 21, 2009


Considering how obsessed I am with my weight, my bmi, my thighs, my hips, my arms... Considering all that, I'm not very good at getting what I want. Today wasn't too bad - but I'm feeling discouraged anyway. Maybe I'm in a bad mood because my boyfriend and I had an argument... I did something mildly annoying, and he read between the lines and decided that my motivation was something controlling. Anyways...ugh - he's not very good at understanding me. What he's usually good for is affection. When he with-holds that, that's when things get painful. He didn't do that this time, but I always get scared when we fight that that's what's going to end up happening ~ like that time on the bus...

My weight has been around 129. Possibly something like 128.5 - I have an old fashioned mechanical scale. Lowest weight ever. Yay.

If you ask me, they're highly under-rated. They're more consistent than digital scales, even though you have to reset them to zero every once and a while. They're also more convenient and trust-worthy. I can see the scale moving - I see where it lands. Plus, I think it's better not to obsess too much on the decimal amounts. The important thing is that I'm losing weight.

I also wore shorts today...Made me feel half naked and all I could think about all day was what shape my thighs were taking when I sat down or cuddled up next to my beau. So..yeah, I'm not done yet.

I hate my face, too..I'm breaking out and it actually kind of hurts. I'm accustomed to this sort of thing though. Not looking for remedies..I know how to take care of zits. I just wish I could cure acne.

Yesterday was pretty good, though. I ate under 1000 calories and got a decent amount of exercise. Oooh, by the way - there's a website I thought was awesome.

I haven't read every word, but I've skimmed the site and I'm in love with it.

Okay, girls - good luck. Stay strong.


  1. Congrats on the lowest weight ever!

    and I put on shorts today, but decided I was still too fat for those, maybe when I'm out of the 130s

  2. I love the site thanks for posting it. Good job on LW!!

  3. congrats for being at your lowest
    keep up the good work
    and thanks for the website
    take care xo