Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I don't really have much to say.

I went rummaging around thrift stores with my dad today, I got some cute clothes. Not much, though - lol, a staggering amount of stuff was a flashback from the early 90's.

I did find some like-new things my size, and I got them..even though part of me started to worry that they'd belonged to some girl who'd died >_< that weirded me out a little. I let it go, though...

Funny thing about thrift stores and sizing.. the size on the tag means nothing, there was a small that fit and an XL that was too small.

My legs are wobbly from my workout last night. It wasn't even that intense. I mostly blame the outer thigh workout I posted in my Last Blog. Did I do it wrong? I did twenty five on each side, using the couch instead of a ball. Seemed comfortable enough at first, but it was like I'd never used those muscles. So...yeah, I should start.

Apparently I'm nearing the weight of Ashley Judd.
Celebrity BMIs at their smallest
The biggest one on the list, but still.

She's stunning.

My body seems to really be rejecting being under 130. I'm more or less behaving, but my weight still still hovering somewhere between 127 and 130, kind of randomly.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful. :) I'll comment before bed.

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  1. Keep going hun!! might give that thigh workout a go ay lol...Stay strong!!