Saturday, May 16, 2009

Okay, gross ~_~

My Summer Challenge "before" pic.
Okay, that's even worse than I expected it to be. It's a bad angle, but that seems like an excuse. I guess I knew my hips were a nightmare, but that's just disgusting. I apologize if this disappoints some people, I think it might.
On the bright side, that's a real motivator. WOW is that a real motivator. If I don't have slimmer hips by the end of the challenge, you have my permission to stop following me. I really don't deserve followers.
It's gimped, but only for modesty and anonymity.
Okay, so what did I want to blog about? Besides my monstrous thighs.
I guess I could share a couple links I thought were motivating.

Lily Cole and Mary-Kate thinspo. Seriously good stuff O_O

You've probably heard all of these tips, but it's thinspirational to read them, I think.

So far today I've had less than 800 calories.

I haven't worked out, but I will.

I don't know if the image will stay up...If it goes down it'll probably happen when I post my next entry.

I'm not exactly articulate, tonight, am I? Wasted some thoughts on twitter, perhaps.
And I'm nervous. Terrified to hit "publish."


  1. You do have a great stomach shape & really good shoulders.
    Good luck :)

  2. Mary kate freaks me out a little bit? I grew up with her. I think we're maybe a year or two apart? Tops? I really can't remember.
    But yeah...I don't mean like, grew up, like knew XD I mean, we were the same age, I had all their videos, I knew all their songs...I remember I saw them on a video once, and saw bits of chest and stuff, and I had gotten my first sports bra (like, fourth grade? Third?) and thought "They don't wear one yet!!" all scandalized XD

    So to like...try and look up to them again for anything? Is sort of weird. I dunno XD Maybe I'm just the weird one! XDDD

    I don't think you should be terrified to hit publish. I think you look amazing, and you're only going to look MORE amazing by the end of the challenge!!

  3. i agree with sarah, your stomach and shoulders are great! and your thighs are not monstrous, sweetie.

  4. =O
    your hips aren't that bad!
    and you look about 10 lbs less than i thought you weighed.
    well, assuming you weigh 131.
    and i can so see the beginning of those hip bones!

    good luck girly!

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  5. I agree with everyone else that you already look great!
    But I know you'll be so beautiful by the end of the summer challenge.

    Besides, compare your "before" to mine - there's a ten-pounds-of-pure-fat difference...I look so disgusting!

  6. I see a good defined frame and shape there, at the end of the summer challenge you will look even more awesome than you do now :]