Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gay pride march - fun and a good workout!

Marched in a gay pride parade today with my boyfriend. It was really really fun. :D I've never been to one before - lol, it's the sort of thing my parents wouldn't want to take me to. Anyways, there was some thinspo there. Some tiny Roller Derby girls and a bunch of skinny high school girls that I *think* might only have been there for the opportunity to dress in rainbow tights and dance to techno. That's okay, too, I guess. lol - especially since my beau and I weren't stuck behind them at any point.

Anyways, yeah - a buckload of walking. A weird artichoke sandwich from a coffee shop (gotta try new things, right?) that I picked apart after I learned I didn't much care for artichokes. I thought it was some sort of mutant rotting lettuce until a friend verified it's identity. lol - fun.

Anyways, what else did I have to say? I guess nothing much has changed. Wore shorts today. I didn't feel too hideous - it was cute from the right angles... chunky from others. I guess I might have looked svelte in comparison to the drag queens. Bless'em.

Some of my boyfriend's evangelist friends were there protesting. lol - no one payed much attention to them - not nearly as many people argued as I might have expected. Not even my beau - which was pleasant. He did however insist on saying hello. That was okay, though. There were some witty bits of conversation, though. At least funny.

Evangelist: "Name one natural part of gay sex"
My beau: "Ejaculation."

Friend: "You're message is really ineffective"
Evangelist: "I preach - I get my message out the way god wants me to"
Friend: "I guess your God wants you to be ineffective"

*girl standing with sign that says something about former homosexuals being saved*
Friend: "You'd be having a lot more fun with us"

Yeah, it was great.

Okay. I don't know if that's too many details, especially with the pic. We'll see, won't we?

and since I didn't even mention the pic, yes, that's me and my thick legs. Looks better than in another pic - I was going to post them both to demonstrate how chubby they could look in a different position - but my boyfriend wouldn't send it to me because he worries about how pics affect my self esteem.


  1. oh I love that line on your thighs... that "look how toned I am" line :)

  2. "I guess your God wants you to be ineffective"
    Ahahah that actually made me lol.
    And your picture looks rather lovely :)

  3. oh i love those conversations :D
    gay pride is fuuuuuuuun!!! congrats for marching for the very first time! :)

  4. Oh, my, gosh.

    I am a Christian, but I personally believe that almost all "Christians" aren't actually doing anything Christ stood for while he was on this earth.

    I'm appalled by most (99%?) Christians. Isn't that funny?

    I think Christ would have bought everyone marching in the parade lunch and told them how much cooler they were than the jerks protesting =p

  5. You have such cute calves - mine are huge and cow-like. I'm jealous. :(

    And I love how quick and witty all of the comebacks were with the protesters. Go you!

  6. Hi. I'm reading your blog from the beginning, so that's my excuse for commenting on an old post like this.

    I just had to say this: I think your thighs look amazing. I actually thought it was random thinspo! Judging from the picture you posted earlier, you can really see that the work you've been putting has had effect.

    I hope you're doing well and I look forward to reading the rest and following from now on.

    Foreign Object

    (My actual blog is - the link is to an old blogger account I had forgotten about till now :D)