Thursday, June 18, 2009

So what does one eat while camping??

I wanna thank PrettyWreck for her epic comment on my last post explaining men. lol. I've heard that it's natural and normal for guys to look. But you explain it better than my beau. His explanation of "They're just THERE" was never really good enough.

It still bugs me. I know it's not healthy. But every time we're in the vicinity of a girl thinner than me, clear skinned, big boobed - any of the above, I worry he'll realize any of them would be lucky to date him. I just want to snatch him up and run away from that situation, off somewhere we can be alone and snuggle.


Calorie wise... Things have been.. not so good. But my period's over. Situational eating is the problem lately. I'm pretty disgusted with myself right now. I think I've gained. I'm reluctant to accept that it's anything but water weight from my period. I don't even want to say. I don't think my thighs have grown - they're what I'm watching. They still barely touch. I want them to shrink, but I'm not being proactive at all with the skinny-making. Maybe I've been too busy and stressed lately.

I'll probably end up eating scarcely when I go camping in July. For a week. The food available will probably be...What *does* someone generally eat on a camping trip with no electricity? In any case, the people who'll likely be in charge of food are the kind of people with the "god made dirt and dirt don't hurt" philosophy... so I might end up pretty grossed out by anything they make.

That's really the biggest thing I have to look forward to. Pretty exciting.

I looked for thinspo in the woods in image google... searched a bunch of different word combinations. I can't find any thin-enough women that aren't pornographic. Which is unfortunate..

So instead I'll post a pic or two of the girl from the movie 21: Kate Bosworth. Watched that with my beau tonight. While the characters were counting cards I was counting the ribs in her chest. Some pictures of the actress:

^From the movie

< SKINNY legs O_O do want.

^ Holy Crap, is that one real??


  1. wow. she is looking scary in that last photo. The guy is not bad though.

    Camping food... hmmm... i don't know. I think maybe if you can be very active and just eat little portions of whatever food is there you could come back thinner. Looking for excuses to be active even if you are not feeling like it. For myself I do find this can go a long way to helping quietening your tummy, and buying time, at the same time as burning calories. Bonus is also that people think you are helpful if it is stuff like putting up tents and gathering wood.
    And then you also don't have to be around while people are talking food so the focus is off you for that.

  2. no, the last photo isn't real, but I do think she is lovely

  3. omg that last one has gotta be fake. Thanks for the pictures, she's someone I should look into haha.

    DO NOT EAT GRANOLA. All camping food is unsafe. It's all meant to be like little things that are high calorie. Trail mix, granola, fruit bars... watch out. Just watch your portions, run around a lot, stay hydrated, eat cereals before you eat granola or trail mix, and try to pack your own things if you can (like special k bars or something). Sometimes people eat sandwiches, which are *more* ok than other things. Use one piece of bread, half it, and put the meat or whatever you're using (I don't know if you're vegetarian lol) on it. Bread is the evil part, so that cuts it in half and everyone else is not likely to notice you're only eating half the sandwich.

    Rant rant rant.

  4. Hi :)
    wow I love Kate Bosworth, but is really her with that dark hair? I love it...